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I wrote a diary, a journal. I wanted to prove that just the every day action of being with your music was enough to create a piece. I wanted to break away from the notion that it is necessary to develop a composition in the usual way. With the diary I would just get an idea and write it down, attach it to the end and--bang--that's good. Maybe better. Probably better. But in the end, It doesn't really matter, because what's important is the process, and not really the result. The creative energy is happening during the process and the result is... well, it's subjective. The result is a completelly different department.


This is a sample video from the complete work of Episodes, which is about 13 minutes long. Jeannette put this together back in the days of vhs. I do like the quality of the image though; I like the grain. But I'd probably like a really good digital photo, too.

What's the bag with this image? It is the image that I chose to represent the Episodes on this little cassette I made. It was going to be an entire orchestra but I only did the string section... this whole naked orchestra. I don't remember why they are naked. I have a stack, maybe an inch thick, of tiny pieces of paper. Each one is a drawing of an instrument. They were supposed to be added into this image, but they never made it.


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