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Le Passant Le Passant/The Wonderer My idea for this piece of music was to create  a conflict, setting up specialists in improvisation against traditionally composed orchestral music. I wanted to put together that which shouldn't really go together, in hopes of creating something wild and new… More.
Episodes Episodes I wrote a diary, a journal. I wanted to prove that just the every day action of being with your music was enough to create a piece. I wanted to break away from the notion that it is necessary to develop a composition in the usual way. With the diary I would just get an idea and write it down, attach it to the end and--bang--that's good. Maybe better. Probably better. But in the end, It doesn't really matter, because what's important is the process, and not really the result. The creative energy is happening during the process and the result is... well, it's subjective. The result is a completely different department… More.
Out Twice // Out Twice // has to do with musical cartography: map-scores, music-drawings. My idea was to use the image as sheet music and offer a language that's very open to interpretation. I was thinking, "I'm going to put these people in a very funny position and the results are going to be very interesting." The maps provide a loose direction, but the musicians still have their means--they are able to bring something really good. Out Twice refers to going out. It was performed out there, on tour. Once in a while I would pull out one of these drawings or make some new ones and see where it took us. … More.
Drum Duets Drum Duets I knew that there were a few great drummers who were also visual artists. My idea was to eventually have a place where you could look at an art duet between me and each of these guys, while listening to our drum duet. Would some connection between the visual and the audio become apparent? Is there some link between the two art forms? It was actually a challenge to arrive at how to do the visual art duets. The drumming was obvious, but the other… More.

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